This is really too much.

Kenya became independent in 1963.

Einkorn wheat was one of the earliest forms of wheat to be cultivated.

Is Jochen satisfied?

I like sandwiches.

The tennis match was postponed due to rain.

Take one four times a day, after meals.

There are simpler things in life than finding a good husband. Nailing jelly to a tree for example.


I need to know why you didn't come yesterday.

Did you have any problems getting here?

Patrice suffocated Nora with a feather pillow.

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Your work consists of true facts and new discoveries. The problem is that what is true is not new, and what is new is not true.

The unclaimed items were sold off at auction.

I saw her a few minutes ago.


I'd like to get married.

It is not rare that she leaves her umbrella behind.

They discussed the subject of the offender of the meaning of life.


Have you ever gone to see a horse race?

Australia is the largest country in Oceania.

Where shall we go now? To the theatre or cinema?

The validation methodology was based also on Bowling's reports.

He'll leave for Tokyo tomorrow.

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Nobody's going to die.

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"I discovered a a great website today. It's called the 'Tatoeba project', if you're interested." "If you're talking about 'Tatoeba', I've already known about it and have been making submissions for 10 years!"

Do you know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Did Ralph ever mention a Canadian named Reid?


That's the only problem.

That's all we want.

I wonder if we could do that.

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This enables me to see and face my present trouble.

The streets in Hokkaido are wide.

Sir, do we have to write in ink?

You're in!

Who's the happy couple?

Dustin is a crossfit athlete.

I haven't seen him since.

Bibili sila ng tinapay.

Julianto almost forgot to lock the door.

This is the fastest car in our showroom.

They insisted on my getting the work done by tomorrow.

I'm telling you this is going to be great.

Edgar took a sip of his drink and then set it down.

What do adjectives modify?

I still need to see if Gary wants to go with us.

I should have done it.

Let's just let her handle it.


I hope this movie is really funny.

When are you going back to your own country?

Give it a shot.


You're in love, aren't you? I can see it.

His lecture on chemistry was nothing but torture.

We have to help them.

I want to make sure we have enough time to finish this.

I just never will understand women.

The moon came out from behind the cloud.

Speaking of genocide, today is Columbus Day.

These boards haven't been planed right.

I had to pay no less than 1,000 dollars for this watch.

For, in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery: but in fact, eleven men well armed will certainly subdue one single man in his shirt.

You could really fix the error that you found in the sentence.

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I hadn't really noticed Eddie got a haircut until you mentioned it.


Stop it this minute!

If geometry is the science of space, what is the science of time?

I thought I'd say hello to them.

Pedro ate a frozen dinner.

I prefer department stores: the prices are lower.

Remove your hat.

Taurus is very laid back.

Do you know what to do if there's a fire in the building?

He doesn't care for sweet things.

Japan's consumption of rice is decreasing.

Can't we work this out?

The crowd poured out of the auditorium.

What resources are in place to encourage employee development?

She cherished his old love letters.

I just wanted to try it once.

A mugger stole my handbag.

She'll get better. She always does.

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I don't know who made the cake.

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Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug.


An ancient race left ringed contraptions throughout the galaxy to shortcut through space-time.

Don't meddle in my affairs.

Mr. Jordan is the chairperson.

Did you know this at the time?

Don't touch that dial.


Mitch isn't as impatient as Marsha.

I recognized you.

Did you go and see her?


He wasn't able to reach his goal.


Please write about your home.

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We'd better try to sell or give away all these white elephants we've collected.


You are a very lucky man.

They have failed.

Love is blinding you.

The old people received enough care.

Light blue is the color of the sky and, consequently, is also the color of the sea, lakes, and rivers.

I simply cannot get rid of this bad cold of mine.

Who gave this to us?

You're not looking at the whole picture.

You'll have to try one.

They just want to talk to him.

King carefully covered up all his mistakes.

They seem to be having an argument.

Guess what I found on the beach.

Ampere per meter is the SI unit of magnetic field strength. Its symbol is A/m.

I take a shower almost every day.

You should set your room in order.

Study these sentences.


Not until the following morning did we see land.

It's not personal.

Harvey doesn't always come home this late.

Phill has been treated fairly.

You made a mistake.

Whatever do you mean?

Are you feeling any better now?

Val says that he doesn't feel like going out.

We had no money.

You can't hide the fact from her.

This is the room where the author killed himself.

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What, in your opinion, is the solution to the problem?

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The job market is not saturated.

Have you ever taught Chinese to foreigners?

Nobody told us that we needed visas.

Did you wait long?

Ravi trusts her.

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I put on some clean clothes.

Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

When it comes to personality, Edward and Susan are as different as chalk and cheese.

It is a matter of life or death.

Page died of a drug overdose.


She shouldn't have written that.


She kissed him to the point that she couldn't stop.

I apologize for whatever's about to happen.

I call Meeks almost every day.

He likes chemistry.

I was tired.

I'm never taking you fishing again.

At the pop star's concert the fans were swarming around the foot of the stage.

The idea is not bad.

Kitty went to sleep three hours ago.


I faced the champion.


I don't want you to quit baseball.

Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets.

When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

Why didn't you tell the truth?

At last, she hit on a good idea.

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I blame your beard.

I completely gave up.

Science begins when you ask why and how.


Don't be surprised if all of a sudden you forget who you are.

Team A won the game against team B.

Keeping what belongs to another amounts to stealing.

We'll ask Dori.

I read the article.

Do you guys want to eat here?

He went off without saying good-bye.

I'm sure you've met Isaac.

The cherry blossoms will be out in April.

Are you going to tell Janet, or should I?

Skef says he won't vote.

Did you send them?

Tomorrow, I am going to my home town.

He's been taught to accept things as they are.

It wasn't hers.


The road has frozen and it's now slippery.

Scientists long ago ceased to believe that the atom is the smallest unit of matter.

You won't be allowed to leave.

I want to wish you the best.

I can't find my keys!